Thursday, 4 September 2008

4th September

So well, this is dinner, which I'm going to put in the oven when the boy gets home :) it's a pork Loin join, rubbed with garlic salt, plack pepper, tarragon then sealed in a pan so it stays nice and juicy. I then made a red onion, tarragon, apple stuffing (which is packed on the outside) then wrapped in strips of bacon. You could use a bit of twine to keep it on, but I never bother. I then roast it in a roasting tin with apple halves and garlic cloves.

The stuffing is never the same twice, it always changes depending on which herbs I have fresh and what veg I get in the organic veg box, sometimes classic sage and white onion, sometimes cranberry and apple, but this method does seem to keep the pork really really moist mmmmm.

It probably doesn't look that appetizing , but then, it is raw meat! :)


~Elizabeth~ said...

That looks VERY appetizing! How did it turn out?

T said...

that looks gorg-- pork is my favourite meat.