Friday, 18 December 2009

Rain, sleet, snow

I love weather, more than anything else I love the seasons changing, weather patterns developing, clouds drifting and snow falling.

I'm loathe to discover the real reason why ( I suspect it's something to do with ions) but the truth is, I only feel happy, comfortable, right in my skin, when it rains.
Something takes me over in those moments before a downpour when your heart and your head fill up with that lightness of knowing and the first drops are tears on your skin.

I try and photograph the weather as often as I can, it's an impossible job to capture, these photographs look like the remnants of performance art, intangible and unexplainable as the magic is in the action, in the bicycle riding around in the pain, not the canvas print covered in lines.

In this post are my two favourite weather shots from the last few weeks, the first is my office as I got off the bus this morning, it was so beautiful this morning, cold and crisp and amazing shades of purple, I'm so annoyed that for both of these shots I only had my phone camera not my DSLR. I need to get a decent compact to have on me all the time.

This shot is from a couple of weeks ago, I was waiting for another producer Dan and his lovely girlfriend to come meet me for dinner, everyone was hiding from the amazing rain so I had the mezzanine of Liverpool 1 to myself, it was amazing, gorgeous shiny rain, that just heightened the colours of everything around.

It is of the xmas "Liverpool Eye" and it's reflection on the concerete.